About Mobile Led Screen;

Vehicle mobile led screen; They are also known as vehicle screens and are among the most suitable and effective promotional products for today’s technology. It is also preferred by different sectors as it has many features. Vehicle mobile led display technology is widely used in events such as sports competitions, rallies, outdoor concerts. It is possible to play videos, pictures and live broadcast on LED screens, which are highly functional in terms of usage. LED screen options, which have strong enough light to be seen in daylight, are suitable for setting up a platform outside. Unlike other led screens, mobile led screens can be mounted on vehicles. These screens, which can go up to 2 meters high in vehicles, have the image and light quality that can be easily seen by long-distance people in the area. It can be designed in different sizes as it can be mounted on vehicles such as buses, trucks, vans and trucks.

What is Vehicle Mobile Led Screen?

Vehicle mobile led screens, which are mostly seen in concert and rally organizations, are portable giant screen units. Vehicle LED screens, which determine the broadcast flow and its audience, are also known as traveling giant televisions. Giant screens known as mobile mobile stage in the industry; It is not affected by weather conditions such as sun, snow, rain and hail. In addition to being a preferred product for outdoor advertisements, its low energy consumption also increases its preference. The screens, which have different usage options as fixed or mobile, are also very functional for promotional work. Vehicle mobile LED screen is prepared to be specific to vehicle dimensions. A mobile LED screen is offered for use in the form of mounting on the vehicle or dressing up the vehicle. LED screens to be placed in the most important areas in crowded squares and activity areas are specially prepared according to demand. It can also be prepared as a design according to the area to be used.


What are the Vehicle Mobile Led Screen Prices?

Vehicle mobile LED screens, which can easily be placed in memories, are one of the promotional applications preferred by different sectors. Vehicle mobile led screen prices that everyone can use without worrying are not to exceed the company budgets. Specially produced LED screens are preferred in various areas. While conferences can be specially chosen for symposiums, they are also requested as panels when used for advertising purposes. It also offers practical solution methods for presentations at events such as special celebrations and holidays. LED screens, which will be used for promotional purposes in the city, are generally mounted on van type vehicles. The chassis lengths are around 3 – 6 meters and the height is fixed at 3.60 cm. The dimensions of the led screen mounted on the vehicle are determined according to the traffic clearance height and chassis length, and the vehicle mobile led screen price is determined accordingly. Vehicle mobile LED screens are produced with audio and video equipment.

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