What is Traffic Information Led Display?

Led display technology has been used in cases where monitors and projectors do not give the desired image, especially in daylight. The most important reason why LED screens are preferred so much is that they have high light power and have a longer life than visual products. Another advantage of the LED screen is that the efficiency is high when controlled at the light source. Since there is no protection like glass in front of the LEDs preferred outdoors, it does not restrict the image by reflecting.

Traffic information LED displays are preferred, especially for the use of highways and overpasses, to transmit the road status and traffic information in a synchronized way to the drivers with a remote management system.

What is Traffic Information Led Display?

Traffic signs have been used in city traffic since the very beginning. These signs are very important to inform drivers and pedestrians. Today, it is possible to encounter these signs in all areas of traffic. With the crowding of the city traffic and the increase in the number of vehicles indirectly, the signs have started to be overlooked by the drivers. It is seen that the traffic signs are illuminated to prevent this problem. Here, the traffic information LED screen comes into play.

Led screens can be seen more clearly both day and night compared to ordinary panels. Traffic information LED displays are known to be resistant to impacts and bad weather conditions. By attracting drivers’ attention both in light and dark, it has managed to become an ideal alternative to overlooked signs. For this reason, traffic information LED displays are preferred instead of ordinary traffic signs. You can reach the most durable and best resolution boards through Fenova Led Technologies.


What are the Types of Traffic Information Led Display?

Traffic information led display; Vms information screens have different types such as radar indicators, speed limit display and traffic warning indicators. Vms information displays are very important as they are used for reasons such as information messages, warnings of drivers depending on weather conditions, and information about road conditions by placing them in designated points both inside and outside the city. Traffic information LEDs can also be produced with or without illumination or with a different outer casing, depending on the location to be placed. Traffic information led screen prices vary according to the model to be preferred. Led screens have a wide range of products based on different pixel ranges. It is possible to prepare according to the requested dimensions. Viewing the speed limit, showing the measured vehicle speed, showing traffic signs thanks to the radar indicators; With its camera system, it records the result of exceeding the limit and helps transmit it to the relevant unit via GPS. Production is made in the requested size and the price of the traffic information led screen also varies in direct proportion to its dimensions. Thanks to the traffic LED screens, drivers are informed via GPS that they must obey the traffic rules or that the road is rainy or slippery.

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