About Totem Led Display;

Totem led screen; It is a type of advertising in which led screens and totem poles are used for promotion and advertising outdoors. These screens generally have large dimensions, as well as being used outdoors, access must be made remotely. Due to this need, control cards used for LED screens support wireless access. If the access distance to the LED screen is too far, a computer that will provide internet connection is placed in the totem. In this way, controls are performed remotely. Since the totem led screen must be resistant to different weather conditions, RGB P10 panels are used in screen production. Due to the large screen and high temperatures, the temperature of the panel must be kept constant. Air conditioning is used in its structure to stabilize the temperature.

What is Totem Led Display?

LED screen technologies, one of the most effective methods of the advertising industry, have become more common day by day. Totem LED screens, which are preferred by advertising companies, are used in city centers as information screens for municipalities, outdoor advertising or as a platform where companies can promote their products. Totem led display signs are an advertising system mounted on a metal material in the form of the letter T called totem. In this advertising method, which requires the support of expert electrical engineers and heavy workmanship, it is very important that the installation is done by professional people. Totem LED display signs daylight to be fixed in the open field, rain, snow, hail, severe wind, dirt or damage to be useful as corrupt and resistant to adverse conditions is produced. In this respect, it is the most used advertising method in open spaces. Fenov Led Technologies, with specialized equipment and knowledge in this field and professional team with the highest quality production with the production capacity of the system is the number one LED display manufacturer in Turkey. Fenova, which has a wide hardware system and technological infrastructure, reveals its trust in its products by supporting its customers after sales.


What are Totem Led Display Prices?

One of the most ideal methods for companies to effectively announce their names is LED screen technologies. Totem LED display prices are not fixed, prices are determined by the desired size and use. One of the many outdoor advertising company’s preferred option most important product groups are also located between the LED screen totems. Led display systems to meet the customer base, especially in visual platform is an indispensable tool by companies who want to make a name. Totem LED display that provides high definition image has managed to become a remarkable thanks to the quality of advertising methods. As can be understood from the name Totem LED displays, outdoor LED display is formed by placed on a totem pole. You can contact us from the contact section for detailed information about the Totem led screen price.

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