About Store Led Display;

Store LED display technology is among the most preferred led screens in advertising. The LED display products that are placed on the interior of the showcases or on the walls of the store either as recessed or mounted are the most important advertising source in the shopping sector. Thanks to these LED screens, store owners can easily promote their products without the need to change the showcase continuously. In this way, it is ensured that the stores are constantly up-to-date by saving both time and energy. Store LED screen models are a very popular promotion method not only for stores but also in different business sectors. It is known that the led screens on the shop windows or shop facades affect the sales positively. This increases the preference.

What are the Features of Store Led Display?

The store LED screen option, which is preferred for the promotion of store products and campaigns to the customer mass, is one of the most preferred methods in the advertising field. LEDs, which can be preferred in different sizes, manage to attract the attention of customers in terms of both appearance and function. The main features of the most preferred store led display technology today are; It has the equipment that can easily attract the attention of the active customer base of the relevant stores. It provides the opportunity to convey more information about the stores in a short time, and to deliver product and campaign announcements to the customers more economically. Led screens are resistant to impacts and are very suitable for 24-hour use. LED lights can be adjusted as desired in order to further reduce the energy consumption of the screens. In an environment with dim lights, the lively LED lights will help to attract more attention. It will be sufficient to change the designs on the led screen instead of changing the showcase to change the mood of the shop window.


What Are Store Led Display Prices?

Store LED display technologies, which have a very popular area in the advertising sector, are frequently used both in showcases and on store exteriors. The fact that the light energy of the LED screens produced according to the desired dimensions is higher than the ordinary panels is one of the most preferred reasons. Store led screen prices also vary depending on the area of ​​use and size. Every company is looking for the best way to market their products to their customers. LED screens, which are very common and effective in the advertising industry, are the ideal way to represent companies in the best way. Each company desires to increase its customer base by promoting its products in the best way. The store led display price is directly proportional to its function. It is much easier to attract the attention of the target customer thanks to the LED screens with good image and light quality. Choosing the right size of the LED screens to be preferred according to the area of ​​use is one of the most important issues. Fenova Led Display Technologies aims to bring its customers together with A quality and most reliable store led displays.

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