About Stadium Led Screen;

Stadium led display; These are LED screen technologies used in areas where sports events such as basketball, football, volleyball are held and advertising broadcasts are provided. Screens are created by combining panels to offer the best images. Led screen size varies according to the size of the field, the advertising space and the distance between the audience and the screen. The stadium LED screen can be prepared in the desired length according to demand. It is the most preferred LED technology in sports fields, as it can quickly advertise and intervene. Today, this LED screen system has been used in many fields and sports halls. These LED screens, located on or around the field, are generally used as advertising boards.

What is Stadium Led Screen?

Stadium led display; There are two types of led screens showing the match score and led screen panels surrounding the field. It is used as a scoreboard where the emblems and scores of the teams are displayed because it can be easily updated and instantly reflects the information on the screen. In addition, it has features such as displaying live positions in the field or being able to relay their repetition to the audience. For this reason, it has managed to be among the most preferred led screen technologies. Led screens on the sides of the field are generally preferred for promotion and advertising. Thanks to these LED screens, very high incomes are obtained. LED screens on the side of the field are produced from very durable materials because they are susceptible to impact due to their outdoor location. In periods when led screens were not used, both score results and player changes were shown manually on the cardboard. Thanks to the stadium LED screens, this primitiveness has disappeared and a transition to a digital era has occurred. As a result of the reflection of the image on the screen in a quality way, all advertisements will reach the audience with the clearest image. Thanks to the led screens in the stadiums, the advertisements pass one after the other and it is very important that each advertisement reaches the audience with a high resolution.


What are the Stadium Led Screen Prices?

Stadium led screen prices vary according to panel quality and preferred screen size. LED screen technologies, which are frequently encountered as a result of the development of technology, have taken their place among the indispensables of the advertising industry due to their advantages such as energy saving and ease of use. Not just for football; They are LED screens that adapt to many different sports fields such as basketball, volleyball and handball. LED screens can be preferred both in indoor spaces such as indoor sports halls as well as in outdoor spaces such as stadiums. Since the emblems and match scores of the teams should be included on the stadium led screens, the standyum led screen systems can be updated practically and used as a scoreboard. Considering this situation, the price of the stadium LED screen also changes. As a single panel can be purchased, larger led screens can be obtained by combining multiple panels.

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