About Outdoor Led Screen

Led screens can offer sufficient light sources both day and night so that companies can make their advertisements in the best way. With this aspect, led screens, which have managed to attract everyone’s attention, are one of the most preferred technologies in advertising. The LED screen technology, which is also preferred outdoors, is preferred in large sizes, as it has more audience. Large size LED screens cause more light sources to be used and steel profiles to be preferred more. Although the cost of outdoor LED screens increases, it is among the most preferred technology of companies as it provides the opportunity to reach more people.

What are Outdoor Led Screen Features?

Outdoor LED screen technology is mostly preferred in shopping malls. The advertisements of different companies are presented to the customers on the led screens located at the entrance of the shopping malls. The announcements of campaigns and discounts are presented to people through these screens to attract attention and indirectly increase sales. After shopping malls, the most preferred area for outdoor led screens is stadiums. Led panels, on which advertisements of companies sponsoring football teams in stadiums, are presented to the attention of people. Pixel pitch is very important in outdoor LED screen selection. The sparse or frequent LEDs determine the resolution of the LED screen. The proximity of the pixels ensures that the image quality is clear. Since the viewing distance is far in outdoor LEDs, it is suitable to use larger sized panels. Panels are numbered such as P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10 according to their dimensions. The larger the panel, the larger its number. For example, small panels can be preferred for close-travel distances such as in-store campaign information boards, while large-size LED screens are used for advertisements that can appeal to a larger audience in front of shopping malls. Outdoor led screen price also varies depending on the panel size and the number of pixels.

What are Outdoor Led Screen Prices?

It is not possible to set the outdoor led screen prices preferred in different areas according to the usage situation on a certain base. There are technical differences in the LED screens preferred according to their usage areas. Many issues such as pixel number, size, color quality are the determining features for outdoor led screen prices. For this reason, it is best to get comparative prices by contacting the manufacturer companies when purchasing outdoor led screens. Since the prices are determined according to the characteristics of the panels, it is not possible to request a standard price. If a product is to be purchased from any sector, using the preference for manufacturers always means offering more affordable prices. You can get information and price from our company Fenova LED Display Technologies for outdoor led screen projecting and other installation fees on building facades for outdoor advertising.

P2.5 Outdoor Led Screen

High quality P2.5 outdoor led displays and professional installation.

P3 Outdoor Led Screen

Experience the ambiance with P3 model led screens specially designed for outdoor spaces.

P4 Outdoor Led Screen

Clear view outdoors with durable P4 outdoor led display models.

P5 Outdoor Led Screen

P5 model outdoor led screen options in accordance with world standards.

P6 Outdoor Led Screen

High quality P6 outdoor led displays and professional installation.

P6.67 Outdoor Led Screen

Experience the ambiance with P6.67 model led screens specially designed for outdoor spaces.

P8 Outdoor Led Screen

Clear view outdoors with durable P8 outdoor led display models.

P10 Outdoor Led Screen

Catch the best outdoor design with high quality P10 Outdoor Led Screens.

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