About Avm Led Screen;

Avm led screen; It is one of the most popular advertising tools for companies located in shopping malls or other companies that demand promotion. Visually, the LED screens that reach a wide audience are called indoor LED screens when they are located in the mall, and outdoor LED screens when they are outside the mall. The use of such LED screen technologies in shopping malls with crowded entrances is very effective to increase interaction. Thanks to the LED screens, outdoor advertising is made of snow. With the development of technology, led screens have been discovered and their use in advertising has increased. LED screens, which are especially preferred as indoor and outdoor LED screens, are mostly seen in shopping malls today. Giant LED screens placed on the exterior of the shopping are of great interest.

What is Avm Led Screen?

Discovered with the development of technology and started to be used in different areas of life, LED screens are among the indispensables of the advertising industry. Presentation of company advertisements to a wide audience undoubtedly increases the status of recognition. Recently, companies prefer led panel or led screen technologies in their signboard choices. Thanks to the LED screens, the company advertisements are delivered to the customers in a more remarkable way. As the day goes on, LED screen technologies are also being developed and they appear before companies with different features. Thanks to the multi-purpose state-of-the-art LED screens, effective advertising campaigns can be prepared and presented to people. The LED screens to be used on the exterior of the shopping centers can continue to work in adverse weather conditions and are made of durable materials. In addition, it can work with maximum resolution in times of high sunlight and does not allow reflection on the screen due to daylight. One of the most advantageous aspects is that it can be produced in the desired size due to its modular structure.


Avm Led Screen Prices

One of the most well-known leading companies in the sector in the field of led screen systems and technologies is Fenova. It offers the most suitable products for the usage area according to the structure of the space and the size of the desired effect. Fenova Led obtains the best results in terms of quality in the work done considering the size of the place. It has achieved the best results in the LED screen studies in terms of both light and image quality. Since it consists of a modular structure like every led screen and can be prepared in the requested size, the price of the shopping mall led screen also varies accordingly. Those who want to benefit from this technology can choose the model they want among the shopping mall led screens to the extent they want and benefit from attractive prices. Fenova led screen technologies provide a professional service that analyzes customer needs in the most accurate way by performing a fast and meticulous work, as well as producing the most ideal solutions in all applications. You can get information from our company Lenova Led Display Technologies about projecting the screens for shopping mall led screen prices and other installation payments.

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