About Indoor Led Screen;

Led term; It consists of the initials of the words “Light Emitting Diode” in English. Its Turkish meaning is “Light Emitting Diode”. These circuit elements are semiconductors and convert electrical energy into light. The LED chips, which are encased in the small plastic sheath, receive electrical energy from the ends they are connected to, and light in the appropriate brightness in line with the energy they receive. LED lamps are more stable and efficient than other options such as light bulbs and fluorescent lamps that convert electrical energy into light. The LEDs arranged as a matrix structure one on top of the other and side by side, called the cabin, form the LED display system. Features such as aspect ratio and volume of LED screens emerge at this stage. Led screen basically consists of cabinet, power / signal cables, control computer, metal carrier construction and power distribution panel. Metal carrier construction keeps the cabins together.

What are Indoor Led Screen Prices?

One of the most preferred methods of the advertising industry is advertising screens. These screens are very important because they are compatible with the advertising industry and help them make their promotions in the most professional way. The indoor led screen option is also one of the preferences of companies that want to announce their names and deliver their advertisements to the relevant audience. LED screen options, which are much more effective than promotions, promotional brochures and similar advertising alternatives, can easily attract people’s attention and remain in their memory for a longer time. Advertising works where visuality is at the forefront always have a more remarkable and catchy effect. Indoor LED screen prices vary according to their size and quality. Thanks to the LED screens you will prefer instead of advertising by allocating a separate budget each time, it is possible to offer your advertisements to the customer audience about the LEDs you will buy whenever you wish. Indoor LED screens, which are widely used in the retail industry, look both more aesthetic and more modern.


What are the Features of Indoor Led Screen?

Indoor LED screens have a structure that can be affected by bad weather conditions and is not resistant to external environment. This aspect is not preferred in outdoor advertising. As the name suggests, it is ideal for indoor advertising. Since they are formed by the combination of small plastic led panel parts called RGB, it is possible to produce in the requested size. It can be used as hanging, standing or recessed according to preference. Indoor LED screen price may increase depending on this preference. They have lower light intensity than outdoor led screens. They are classified according to the number of pixels they are made up of. For example; When p2 indoor led is mentioned, indoor leds with a pixel pitch of 2 mm come to mind. Choosing the right LED screen is very important in order to appeal to the customer base in the right way. LEDs with a high pixel range should be preferred for LEDs that are desired to be viewed from a long distance, and LEDs with a low pixel pitch should be preferred for LEDs that are desired to be viewed from a short distance.

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