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İnnovative Ideas

The rapid development of technology reveals new ideas, and we always on track for you.


We design your led screen projects in the best way and plan them best for you.

Customer Support

Our led screen products that we sell and service are covered by the company warranty.


Creative Solutions

In our product range, suitable for customer needs; We offer creative solutions with our experts engineers and architects team, up to indoor and outdoor applications with 1.2mm and 12 mm pixel pitch.


Product Usage Areas

Our products are used in various sectors such as outdoor and indoor advertising and instore, traffic variable messaging, rental, TV broadcasting, sports complex and media facade applications.

High Technology High Quality

We guarantee customer satisfaction 24/7 with our expert team in technical service of our company’s products.


By Your Side Even When Away

You can remotely manage energy-saving LED screens with advanced technology via internet connection.

Easy Installation Eye-catching Colors

It is carried out by our professional team who are experts in the field of Easy Installation. LEDs with high image resolution and refresh rate are used in LED Screen Works.

Company Competence

You should definitely visit the company from which you will make a Led Screen product or talk to.

Led Screen References

Indoor Led Screens

High quality P2 – P2.5 – P3 – P4 – P5 model indoor led display models

Outdoor Led Screens

Outdoor weather resistant P2.5 – P4 – P5 – P6 – P10 model outdoor led screen models

Rental Led Screens

Another preferred method in the field of advertising is quality led screens suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Poster Led Screens

P1.25 – P1.5 – P2.5 – P3 model poster led screen models in accordance with IP34 standards

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