About the Concert Area Led Screen;

Led screens; Along with the developing technology, it has started to be produced for different purposes such as concert hall LED screens, shopping mall LED screens, LED screens preferred for meetings or conferences. LED screens, which are also preferred in the field of promotion and advertising, have turned into a very fast developing visual tool. Compared to other visual advertising tools, it is preferred because of its high image quality under the sun and its durable structure in adverse weather conditions. It is prepared in all sizes, considering the purpose of use. With this aspect, it has managed to appeal to every sector. Fenova led follows all the technological innovations in its field from the very beginning and carries the understanding of quality service in the market to higher levels day by day. Fenova led, which attaches importance to trust and quality, works meticulously and introduces the most suitable product for its intended use to its customer. It serves with its professional technical team with the most suitable concert area LED screen prices.

What are Concert Area Led Screen Features?

LED screens, which are widely used in concert organizations, are frequently preferred with their striking and gigantic images. Especially in open air concerts, LED screen options are used for people who cannot see the concert area from a distance to adapt to the environment. In this way, crowded masses can easily benefit from the atmosphere of the environment, even if it is far away. On this occasion, the promotion of companies during the concert can also be provided by LED screens. Indoor LED screens are preferred in indoor concert areas, while outdoor LED screens are used in outdoor concerts. The dimensions of the outdoor led screens are determined according to the preference. Outdoor LED screen technology is produced to be resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and hail. And it is prepared more robustly, taking into account the impacts from outside. Fenova Led Display Technologies aims to provide the best and highest quality service in both concert organizations and promotional organizations. Outdoor led screens are preferred for outdoor concerts and Indoor led screens are preferred for indoor concerts. The size of the screen to be used in the concert area is prepared according to demand. The high number of pixels on the LED screen also positively affects the image quality.


What is the Concert Hall Led Screen Price?

The LED screens used in outdoor concerts offer a very high quality image in periods of intense sunlight thanks to the screen resolution and brightness. Light sensors in LED screen technology adjust the brightness of the screen according to the light conditions in the environment. In this way, LED screens show flawless performance in outdoor and daytime concerts. The concert area led screen price varies according to the size of the screen. Indoor LED screens are preferred for concerts to be held indoors. Off the field to watch the concert from close range in the screen resolution to be said it is quite high. It is possible to present videos, photos and live broadcasts on led screens that support different file formats.

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