About Building Facade Led Screen;

They are led screen technologies produced in the same system with the outdoor led screen. Outdoor category located in front of the building led display method introduces Fenov led Turkey with the highest quality work. Building facade LED screen systems are produced with a technology that is resistant to external weather conditions as well as producing a quality image in daylight. One of the most advantageous points of building facade systems is that they can be produced in the desired size and have modular structures. Building facade led screens have been increasing in popularity in recent years with the developments in the advertising field. One of the most important reasons why led screens installed on building facades are so popular is that they have a high luminous power. Their longevity compared to all visual products produced so far makes the LED screen options preferred.

What are the Building Facade Led Screen Features?

Building facade LED screens have been increasing in popularity in recent years with the increase in high-rise buildings and business centers. It is a viewing tool that can be prepared from 1 square meter of television to the requested size. The most important feature of LED screens is that the images can be viewed from these screens in daylight. Building facade LED screens have a minimum light power of 4500 cd / m² required to see the broadcast image in daylight. The biggest advantage of the building facade led screen applications in the outdoor category compared to other led screen systems is that they are made of materials that are compatible with the outdoor environment and are not affected by the weather conditions being hot or cold. The advertisements to be broadcast on the LED screen can be controlled over the computer and can be easily changed at any time. Animated gif, jpeg or logo designs can be added. Bright and clear image quality in daylight is one of the most important reasons for preference. It also attracts attention with its less energy consumption compared to normal illuminated signs. It can be prepared in standard size as well as in requested sizes. It is prepared by using oval leds that can be read from 140 degrees. Adjustments such as at what times the LED screen will work or at what time will be broadcast can be made by programming.


What are Building Facade Led Screen Prices?

Since the building facade LED screens are designed according to outdoor areas, they are not affected by bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail and are waterproof. Led screens are included in the advertising industry as a completely new technology, but they also provide half the energy savings. Building facade LED screen prices are not fixed. Prices are determined according to the desired size, usage and area. We prepare and offer the most affordable led screens for our customers. If you share information such as usage, size and such information with our sales engineers, affordable offers of the highest performance products are prepared and presented to you. Building facade led screen price varies according to the requested size.

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