Fenova Technology

Fenova imaging systems in Turkey since 2008. Technology is the pioneer of LED display technology in Turkey. It meets all kinds of LED display needs of end users with its professional display systems and its technological products in its product range, which closely knows all the needs and requirements of the entertainment, advertising, communication and retail market.

Fenova state-of-the-art, LED components, panels and all video systems of thin, light, modular and high-brightness LED displays are manufactured for both application and sale by passing strict quality control tests.

Fenova Teknoloji aims to provide customers with an easy, smooth and enjoyable LED display experience and establish a long-lasting relationship with its customers by providing active support to all customers in all processes from project to after-sales support, just one step beyond supplying products.

Our Mission 

To be an industry-leading brand with unconditional employee and customer satisfaction by shaping the future.

Our Goal

Always with our technology without compromising on quality as always leading companies in this sector located at the top in the field of LED technology in Turkey.

Our Vision

With our technology, without compromising on quality, we always take part in the summit in Turkey in the field of LED technology.